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The End of Year Pathway Celebration

On July 9, Pathway interns, advisors, and parents all gathered at the Bellevue Tower in Bellevue, Washington to celebrate the “end” of the Pathway year and what all the interns have accomplished. There was delicious food, great discussions, and wonderfully curated presentations presented by the heads of each Pathway project. The celebration began with internship advisors Conrad Lee and Steve Chen discussing the great successes of this year and their excitement for what is to come in the succeeding years for Pathway. Then, internship chair Jared Hu gave his speech. He discussed his college process, how Pathway has changed his life, and the optimism, excitement, and trust he has for the next group of Pathway interns. Pathways Bloodworks, Digital Platform, Media and Blog, Global Goals, and Tutoring projects also all gave very detailed and extensive presentations on their goals for this past year, what they achieved, and what their plans are for next year. Each project’s new goals were specific to their group, but some overarching themes included improved group work and group communication, and recruiting more high school students who are interested in civic engagement to be a part of their group. Overall, the End of Year Pathway Celebration was a stellar success, and interns cannot wait to start the “new” year with new motivation and drive to have an even more successful Pathway year.

Article images courtesy of Vivian Su.

Interns, advisors, and parents enjoying the celebration

Interns and advisors giving their presentations


Civic Engagement Clubs

Global Goals

Blog and Media Team

Digital Platform

Pathway tutoring project

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