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We offer free, virtual tutoring services to students looking for extra academic help that isn't currently provided by schools but is very much needed in our community. Our tutoring objective is to help students improve their grades, build their confidence, and achieve their personal goals.



The Pathway Tutoring Program is led by high school students who are passionate in teaching and dedicated to...

Meeting your needs! You or your child's scores will be improved and feel more confident in core subjects.

Having prepared curriculum for any subject that has been developed by tutors who have been in your position. They will explain their strategies for understanding the concept in an empathetic environment.

A service FREE of charge.

Remaining flexible with your or your child's schedules.


Individual One-on-One Tutoring

A tutor will work individually with your student to help them in class and explain to them concepts.

Weekly Friday Drop-In Sessions

Want to ask a question anytime? Join our Friday Drop-In sessions on Fridays 5-6 PM PT without any prior notice!


What do other parents and students say about us?

Rated  5 stars  for how satisfied they were with the camp, the curriculum, and how likely they were to return the following year.

By Parents of 2023 Summer Camp

Rated  5 stars  for their overall experience with the summer camp and individual tutors. Rated  4.6 stars  in camp organization, the curriculum, and the pace.

By Students of 2023 Summer Camp

“[My son] understood the concepts. The tutor communicated with him well and showed up on time. I was given a summary each day and the homework practice problems helped. I saw noticeable improvement from my child’s learning.”

- Parent of 6th grade math student

“[My son] found the program very helpful because it was a focused session and tutor to student ratio was good. He liked the lessons because all his questions were answered. The tutor was patient and helpful.”

- Parent of 7th grade math student

“The communication with the tutor was quick and smooth. The digital tools they used were helpful for learning. My child learned a lot about adjectives and pronouns. The tutors worked hard to help the students.”

- Parent of high school English student

“I think it's perfect! She has been much more motivated and definitely enjoys her school work more. We appreciate the tutor greatly! Thank you so much.”

- Parent of high school Civics student

“The teachers were kind and nice to all the students. They gave respect to them more than themselves.”

- Student of 2023 Summer Campt

“That they really helped me learn more in Geometry and L.A. I got to learn new things and got to review stuff that I did this year. It was amazing.”

- Student of 2023 Summer Campt

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