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High School Friends

Being a tutor gives you the chance to give back to the community by improving someone's education and making a valuable impact on yourself.



Satisfaction with helping other's education and giving back to the community

Completely flexible to your schedule

Learn valuable social, critical thinking, communication, leadership, and organization skills

Learn to be patient and understand other people's perspective

Learning by teaching: reinforce your knowledge

Volunteer Hours

Be connected with your student almost immediately

Become involved in other civic engagement projects as a part of the Mayoral Internship


Pathway Tutoring is one of the programs under the Mayoral Internship. 


The Mayoral Internship Program is open to high-school students who are interested in learning and becoming involved in civic engagement. Centered around the idea of “Civic Engagement through Philanthropy and Education," interns choose their own community projects and bring them to life, acquiring valuable leadership skills along the way. The internship is a great resume builder for college and future careers.

Those who are in the Mayoral Internship are under the direct mentorship of Council Member Conrad Lee.

Want to join the Pathway Tutoring administrative team? Join the Mayoral Internship here:


What do other tutors say about us?

“While I didn't have the chance to teach many classes, I had an opportunity to substitute for one class, and that one class opened my mind to the art of teaching. Pathway Foundation is a growing education project, and having the opportunity to teach one was a blessing for me. I felt a sense of happiness and joy teaching kids and knowing that I may have helped, even just a tiny fraction, towards their future. Teaching is no easy task, yet Pathway Foundation has found many ways to make it entertaining, engaging, and educational for all.”

- Nithin Balamurugan

“I love tutoring because I am able to personalize teaching and address students' unique needs to foster their optimal development. Students at Pathway Tutoring are so much fun to tutor because they have an exceptional enthusiasm for learning and consistently take a proactive approach to their educational journey.”

- Augustina Hansen

“Despite being a part of the Mayoral Internship for two years and organizing the tutoring effort, I find tutoring the best experience. I had the privilege of mentoring students in several fields of study, especially in mathematics and computer science. I have successfully helped students increase their understanding, improve their grades, and explore further. The most important part is not only seeing student’s academic growth, but their improved attitude and social skills which trains them for a successful future. This is why I love to continue tutoring.”

- Shreedhaarini Balamurugan

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