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Remote Learning

Summer Tutoring

Pathway Foundation's Tutoring Team is very excited to announce its first year of online summer camps/programs! The tutors and administrative teams have worked very hard to develop lessons, curriculum, and the logistics for running an enriching educational summer program.


The summer camp hosted by the Pathway Foundation is a 5 day course that seeks to enrich students in subject/s that are best suited for them through Group Sessions. A class can be taught by one or multiple tutors. All tutoring sessions are conducted through Google Meets, and the course takes place between July 5th and July 9th. There is expected to be another session in August.

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Our goal is to provide students with supplemental learning to fill the gaps in learning from the previous school year, and to prepare them for the next school year. We hope to help students build confidence to achieve highly in any of their academic pursuits.

Click below to sign up for the summer program!

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