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American Creed: What It Means to be an American

What does it mean to be an American citizen? What holds us together?

On March 18th, interns participating in the Mayoral Internship program reviewed and discussed the film American Creed ( Each intern shared his or her life stories about how the idea of American Deam really impacts us. The hardship each has gone through, the opportunities each has afforded, the hard work each has put in– all reaffirming the identity of America.

We came here for different reasons: some came here for education, some came for wealth, some came for welfare, some came for protection. Yet we share a common dream of unlimited and equal opportunities. We learn how to appreciate the chances our parents and this society provided. We learn how to work together. We learn how to pursue our dreams despite where we came from.

At the same time, we have observed that America is losing its identity. During the discussion, current societal issues like affirmative actions, the accelerated learning programs, were also brought up. What does it mean to be equal? What is the best way to impose the concepts of equality and equity?  Does America really keep its promise to the minorities?

See full discussion here:

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